Shoot details:

Hi Sylvia and Kaia! Super excited to photograph you in Chicago. Here you can find all the details for shoot day. If you have any questions or concerns, my contact is towards the bottom of the page.


Let me know which location you prefer

Milton Lee Olive Park:


The Area by Lyric Opera House:


5/18/24 8:30 am


At least two outfits. I suggest something with solid color (not black or white) and if you have a flow-y skirt. I will bring a changing tent so Kaia will have privacy. Tutu if you have it but totally optional.


Personally I think down looks amazing during photoshoots. I love it when it goes a little crazy in the wind. However, I understand sometimes curly hair is a bit harder to tame. I will leave that up to you. I do suggest maybe come to the shoot with the hair down, and bring brush or hair spray(gel) and we can put it up on location.

Make up:

Competition make up might be a bit too much for a photoshoot. Though a VERY light make application will make her face light up and the experience a little more special.

Wet wipes:

Since she's not on pointe yet, and dance slippers can make her seem even younger. Barefoot is the next best option. Wipes would allow us to clean the bottom of her feet during the shoot.


Or any style of shoes she can easily put on and go, since there will be walking to different locations.

My cell: