Last Minute Dance Photo Shoot In Chicago

Caren was in Chicago for Joffrey's Summer Intensive, and couple of days before she and her family had to leave, Caren's mom reached out to photograph Caren as a birthday present! What better way to celebrate a mile stone (finishing SI and birthday), for a dancer, than a photoshoot.

Luckily, another dancer had to reschedule because of health reasons, so I had the slot for Caren :)

Let's take a look at what we've captured and some of my passing thoughts.

chicago dance photography ballerina portrait headshot

My New Fav Dancer Portrait Spot

If I didn't disclose the location, you'd think we shot this deep in the woods somewhere. This, in fact, was taken in the MIDDLE of downtown Chicago. I'm absolutely obsessed with green background and the golden tall grass tops! Caren did an incredible job of expressing the introspective look. The golden foreground frames the dancer perfectly, and compliments her skin tone. The green creates a contrast that makes her dancer really stand out.

chicago dance photography ballerina photoshoot
chicago dance photography ballerina photoshoot angel wings
chicago dance photography ballet photoshoot
chicago dance photography ballet photoshoot angel wings

Angelic and Athletic

Dance photography in Chicago with angel wings has become one of my signatures. And I always include it during my shoots. While the wings are gorgeous, they do make movement quite difficult, so there has to be a balance, with variety of different poses. I've always been drawn to capturing dancers' athleticism. Nobody does it like dancers. Dancers are able to blend power and grace better than anyone else. Caren was able to pull off both with ease.

chicago dance photography ballerina photoshoot cloud gate angel wings
chicago dance photography ballerina photoshoot the bean

Iconic Location

I've made dance photography so popular at The Bean, other photographers are starting homage. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. :D

Even though it was extremely crowded that day, Caren still stood out in a sea of people, and here is another example of her talent. Pulling off simple and elegant and strength at the same time.

chicago dance photography ballerina photoshoot buckingham fountain
chicago dance photography ballet photoshoot buckingham fountain
chicago dance photography ballerina dance photoshoot buckingham fountain

Make A Wish

Get it...water fountain...making wishes...ok, I promise this is the only pun I will make :D The Buckingham Fountain is a great place for dance photography in Chicago. It's not as crowed as Millennium Park, and depending on the composition, it has an English countryside mansion feel.

It's a little bit of a walk from Millennium Park, but definitely worth the time. Caren is a bit more experienced than my previous few dancers, and couple of the poses are her ideas. She nailed them like a seasoned pro!


Caren and her mom came all the way from California to attend summer intensive in Chicago. Hopefully the couple of hours we set aside for this dance photoshoot was a memorable one. We got to visit some of the most iconic attractions in Chicago, and capture images that will last a life time. I'd like to thank Caren for being so stunning and talent, and her mom for trusting this very personal experience with me.