Headshots Are One Thing You Should Not Cheap Out On!

That's right! I also shoot headshots! Though I'm known for dance photography in Chicago, headshots for dancers or anyone looking to build their brand is also my speciality.

Not just any boring headshots. They tend to look stiff, the subjects have uncomfortable smiles on their faces, because the photographers don't know how to relate to their clients and get the best expressions out of them. These headshots are all over the places. I don't want to call you out, but especially real estate agents in the Chicago area. I've seen them on buildings, bus benches, subway advertisements...you might not want to hear this, but you could potentially be losing thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars because of a bad first impression.

So when Samantha Ammons (IG: samsellschicagolandrealestate) reached out to me and wanted to do a location headshot, I was elated!

Chicago Real Estate Headshot Photography
Chicago Real Estate Headshot Photographer

Location Location Location!

If you are in real estate, the word location should be tattooed on your brain. Samantha, who specializes luxury real estate in the Chicago area, wanted to use the city as the backdrop. One of her request was a rooftop of a recognizable view of Chicago. After doing research for the best rooftop, I suggested the top level of Navy Pier's parking garage. It has some of the most iconic view of Chicago. The John Hancock building, and the Centennial Wheel! She loved the idea and we both love the result.

Chicago Real Estate Headshot Photography Downtown
Chicago real estate headshot photography for branding

Don't Just Stand There

What better way to show potential clients that you are motivated and ready to help them buy or sell their property than action shots? Motion creates emotion! Action shots are specially helpful if you are camera shy. Because almost everyone knows how to talk. When you are distracted by a task, you tend to focus on that instead of the camera. Look at how natural and genuine her beautiful smile is. Especially in a people oriented business, how you come off from a photo is more important than what you look like. A natural and captivating headshot will create a connection with your clients, where as a boring one will send looking elsewhere.

Crossing Your Arms Is A Big Mistake

Some photographers, either through inexperience or just ignorance, will instruct their clients to cross their arms. They think it make them look serious and authoritative, when in fact, it's anything but! It makes them seem nervous and closed off. Arm crossing is a natural human body language when we are being defensive. That gesture conveys discomfort, shyness, nervousness, insecurity...etc. This is the exact opposite of what you want your clients to see.

Instead, what I do, is ask the clients to bring a work related item. In this case, I asked Samantha to bring a folder. Since she uses her tablet more often, it worked out just as well! Now, instead of looking insecure and awkward, Samantha looks professional, and determined! As if she's on her way to world domination.

chicago real estate headshot photography river walk
best real estate headshot photographer in chicago

Don't Get Lost In The Crowd

Real estate is getting more and more competitive. One of the ways to stand out is by having professional and eye catching headshots and branding images on social media. Ask yourself this, how many times have you choose a dentist, chiropractor, hairdresser, lawyer...etc because you like the way they look. It happens more times than you think because a lot of the decision making process is done subconsciously. Human beings evolved to want to look at and be near beautiful things and people! At my real estate headshot session, not only will you receive eye catching headshots, you will also receive images to help you build your brand!