The Chicago School of Ballet

Pleasure Meeting Everyone!

It was such an amazing experience shooting at such iconic location with so many talented dancers! Also like to thank the dancers for braving the cold!


I know everyone is excited to go through the images. Before we start selecting images, please note, the photos you see in the proofing gallery haven't been edited. After you've made your selection, that's when I will edit them.

I do not photoshop.

I know there are photographers that will literally manipulate everything through that point, are they photographers or graphic designers?

My philosophy on photography has always been about capturing a moment, an emotion, a's never been about "perfection". I understand that's not a popular stance, especially when we can literally fake everything with technology. So please keep that in mind when you make selections.


All you have to do is click on the heart icon to select the image. My website will automatically create a list of your selection.


Each image is $60

Thank you!

I'd like to thank Steven for putting this event together. Organizing anything for 2 dozen people is not easy! Anyone who's tried to get 4 adults together for dinner nows how difficult it can be!

I'd like to thank all the parents assisting during the shoot and how respectful you were! I'd also like to thank the dancers for being such professionals! The shooting condition wasn't ideal. We didn't have much time at the SkyDeck, and it was freezing when we shot outside! You all pulled through, in typical tough, disciplined, dancer fashion! The show must go on!

Proofing Gallery:


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