A Dance Photoshoot is More Than Images

I wholeheartedly believe a dance photoshoot from a dance photographer, is the best gift you can give a dancer. Today, I will give you the top 5 reasons why instead of clothes, or electronics...a professionally shot dance shoot is the best investment you could make for yourself or your children.

Number 5: Memories Don't Last

Time flies. Before you know it, your kids are packing up the car, heading to college. Or, if you are an adult dancer, one second, you are on the stage, in front of a roaring crowd, and next minute, you might have kids of your own and it's towards the end of your dance career. Or, if you are doing summer intensives in a different city/country...it would be a crime to not capture those experiences. And nothing quite captures the precious moments like photographs and videos. 

Number 4: Your Photos Are Not Good...hear me out

I know that sounds harsh, so, before you curse me out, let me explain. I have over 21,000 followers on Instagram, and most are dancers. I didn't bring up that fact to brag, I'm trying to tell you I have seen more dance pics than just about anyone else. I know you mean well, but the fact is, dance photography is hard. You have to capture both the beauty of the dancer and their techniques...and we all know how critical dancers are with their techniques. Your lack of experience and equipment, produces images that do not do you or your dancer justice. Do you trust yours or your friend's cell phone to capture your prime years as a dancer or your children's youth?

chicago dancer portrait photoshoot
chicago dance photography millennium park
chicago ballet photography dancer in tutu
chicago dance photography black ballerina

Number 3: Your Dance Portfolio Is Important

If you have any aspirations to become a professional dancer, a well crafted dance portfolio that showcases your strengths could be the difference between being hired or passed on. In the age of social media, stunning photos could be the difference between growing your following and brand, which could attract sponsorships and be invited to opportunities you otherwise wouldn't have, or getting the same 50 likes from people you know.

Number 2: A Piece of Your Family History

How wonderful would it be to pass down something special to your loved ones? We take more photographs than ever in the history of humankind...but, most are not that memorable. In the world of mirror selfies and pictures of your daily coffee...why not capture something most dancers spend their entire childhood working on?  Imagine to their surprise, when you pull out a beautifully handcrafted wooden photo box, filled with images of them doing what they love the most. Memories they might have forgotten...

Number 1: Builds Confidence

A 1975 study done by Tulane University, showed that children around photographs of themselves in purposeful settings, showed a 37% increase in self esteem in as little as 5 weeks. My theory is that, consistent exposure to your best moments, squashes your self doubt, because there is physical evidence that you have done it before and you are capable. That's why I encourage everyone to make prints, and why I include prints (and videos) in my Prima Package.

I hope these reasons I listed opened your eyes to a unique gift ideas for dancers. To book a dance shoot with me in and around the Chicago area, feel free to use the contact form below for any questions. :)

Jeff Yin Is an international award winning Dance Photographer from Chicago.