Chicago Dancer Senior Portrait

It was a pleasure meeting Izzy and her family for Izzy's senior portrait/Christmas card photoshoot. This is her family's tradition every year and for her last dance shoot, Izzy's family wanted something special.

There is a huge difference in a photographer that specializes in dance and a general portrait photographer, and the images speak for themselves.

chicago senior portrait for ballet dancer
ballerina dancer senior portrait in chicago
ballerina senior portrait in chicago

Journey over destination

Having been involved in dance photography for close to a decade. I've come to realize not everyone that dances plan on pursuing dance as a career. And that's completely ok! I'm a firm believer that dance teaches real life lessons. You have to show up, even when you are tired, or not motivated. Dance teaches you discipline. Motivation comes and goes, but discipline teaches you to keep showing up.

Dance teaches you how to overcome disappointments. Just because you train as hard as you could, it doesn't guarantee anything. You are not guaranteed to get that role, you are not guaranteed a placement in competition. That's real life. Sometimes, you can try your best, and still not get the result. And the only way to get to your goal is by perservering.

chicago ballerina senior portrait photoshoot on North Ave Beach

Confidence comes from achieving goals

Dance is hard! You are faced with constant struggle. It is important to have reminder that you can come back to and draw from it. Having photographs of your journey is one such reminder. You can look back and draw from your experience as a dancer, in other areas of your life. When you feel unsure, insecure, can always remind yourself how you continued when things get difficult!

senior portrait in chicago for a ballerina
senior portrait in chicago for ballet dancer
dancer senior portrait in chicago ballet

Create the future you imagined

Whether it's continue dancing as a professional, or use the skills you've learned and pursue other are in charge. A lot of people might not understand your journey. Your social life might have taken a toll because you are always at practice or traveling to and from competitions, intensives. That's alright. You can't control what other people think. The only thing you can control is your own actions. Do they align with achieving your goals? Are you giving your best? When you fail, do you pick yourself back up? You are in charge of your own future!