Introducing Fiona

Fiona, her mom and little sister came all the way from the east coast area to attend ballet summer intensive in Chicago. This area is one of my favorite places for a photoshoot. It has the greenery and the incredible Chicago skyline. Perfect combination for a variety of different background.

baller in red leotard chicago dance photography summer intensive
chicago summer intensive ballet photography ballerina in leotard
chicago dance photography ballerina summer intensive firebird

Complimentary Colors

Red and green are complimentary colors. They are on the opposite ends of the color wheel, which provides gorgeous contrast. The red leotard really pops in a green background. It emphasis the dancer in a natural and congruent way.

young ballerina posing in from of the chicago skyline summer intensive photography
ballerina in gray leotard posing in front of chicago skyline lake michigan summer intensive
ballerina leaning against a fence during chicago summer intensive photoshoot ballet

DANCE photography

Noticed I have Fiona pose in dance forms, instead of contorted like a pretzel? I am a dance photographer, photographing dancers. I see too many so called dance photographers who either don't understand dance or focus more on likes and attention and abandon the soul of dance. Being flexible is one of many tools in a dancers repertoire, but it's not the only one.

Fiona has beautiful lines. A subtle arch of the back, or a soft curve of the arm and fingers elicits more emotion for the keen eye more than bendy poses for shock value.

ballerina in chicago for summer intensive photoshoot on the beach in red leotard
chicago summer intensive photoshoot in front of Centinnel Wheel ballerina in skirt
ballerina in tutu during chicago summer intensive photoshoot in front of the Centinnel Wheel

Attitude and expression

Often neglected, is a dancer's expression and attitude. Pay attention to Fiona's expression. In the beach image, she looks confident, and fierce. In the middle image, her energy says confident AND calm. In the tutu image, she looks as if she's lost in her own world, and we just live in it. Given the right direction, even young dancers are able to elicit these emotions. Leave the big cheese smiles for amateurs.

Kid at heart and family

Sometimes we see little dancers execute these incredible feats of athleticism and forget they are just kids. Here is Fiona and her little sister, excited to check out the lake. Small things we adults sometimes take for granted. And while we are all busy, especially dance parents, may I suggest take a small step back and appreciate these little moments...because any parent will tell you, time flies. I pride myself on providing not just the images, but a brief but much needed time to appreciate your little ones. Create memories together and enjoy sometime outside of the studio.